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STL Fitness and Body Mechanx

STL Fitness and Body MechanX

Hi, my name is Samuel T. Lindsey, and I have a simple, yet, powerful objective:

To educate the public in fitness and bring awareness to the importance of having a sound body, is synonymous with having a sound mind.

As a fitness enthusiast, I haveĀ been instrumental in changing people’s lives since 1981, as:

  • Fitness and Personal Trainer of Hi-Low Impact Fitness at Richard Simmons Studio
  • Jazz and Funk Master Dance Class Instructor
  • Fitness Director/Coordinator and Personal Trainer for Palm Isle Adult Community
  • Fitness Coordinator for Addison Reserve Country Club
  • Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for Indian Spring Country Club
  • Men and Women bodybuilding show choreography

My educational and certification background includes:

  • I.C.S. Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, attending Master Classes in Movement and Music
  • A.F.A.A. Group Fitness certification
  • I.S.A.A. Personal Trainer
  • I.S.A.A. Fitness Therapy
  • I.S.A.A. Nutrition Specialist
  • I.S.S.A. Strength and Conditioning

ISSA My love for fitness and well being transcends into competitive events, where I have received the following awards:

  • 1991 Grand Floridian Bodybuilding Competition – 1st Place/Overall Winner
  • 1997 East Coast Natural Muscle Classic “Masters” – Overall Winner
  • 2008 Men’s Natural “Over 50” Competition – 1st Place

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