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My name is Samuel (Sam) Lindsey. I am a certified fitness consultant; and I have been in the fitness industry for 34 years; from teaching group fitness classes of various descriptions to personal trainer. I use fitness consultant because I am more than a PT who is interested in just having a potential client to be one dimensional, but rather seek out ways to give you the kind of exercise program that will help you get on the right track to reach their goals. My objective in my field is to educate the public in fitness and wellness and bring awareness to the importance of having a sound body is synonymous with having a sound mind. My career began in 1981 where I started at Richard Simmons' Anatomy Asylum where I gave fitness class to people who most were overweight. I, who was not overweight had the opportunity to help numerous people; I quickly understood that being overweight is more than physical but psychological as well as mental. From there I gave classes in many fitness facilities; who some are now extinct. I remained focused with the intension of helping everyone I came in contact with to think positive about themselves, no matter what their appearance was to believe they have the capability to become better people inside and out.

All Or Nothing At All?

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There are folk out there who want to have a great physique but they think they have a day chock full of activities. Well don’t we all. I see how people scurry around all day and their head seems to be about to explode. My¬† clients who I have at least twice a week feel…

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