Where Is Your Head Part 2

 I hope you had a chance to digest my previous post. Just a reminder that I want you to realize that you have to concentrate on what you do when you’re trying to change, alter or improve on your physique. When you go to the gym, park or even working out at home there is a certain amount of thought needed in order to get good results so you don’t waste your efforts. One of the philosophies I use is “you could be doing other things, so if you choose to workout to make improvements on your body you should make the best out of what you do”.

This goes for anything you do in life; you have to do it with purpose or you’re wasting your time. When I go to the gym, I make it a point not to make “friends” so that when I’m working out no one will feel like they can come and interrupt my workout. I only have a certain amount of time to get it done. So when I enter the gym I say hello to the people I come in contact with and I proceed to my next exercise. As you know there are those who go in looking for someone to talk to or find someone to text or call on the phone and the workout is secondary. Or there are those who go to the gym and sit on a piece of equipment and do one set and on their phone or talking to someone for fifteen minutes. Hence their head is not on the workout, but something else.

When someone is doing a cable triceps push-down they lean forward and use their shoulders and upper body; so they will never see those bulging triceps in their compression T shirts or tank tops. The overall body will get bigger but not the results of a triceps workout. There are those who have an image misconception of their body; meaning that they do a movement that they see someone does and they copy them not knowing if the person they see doing it is doing it properly. The main takeaway is to be focused so you get the true results you want and you won’t have to brag about going to the gym as they may think to themselves you don’t have any results of your labor. If you really want to make a change in your body and you can’t see a change, maybe you can give up some of your expensive dinners or cruises and hire a “good” personal trainer who can help you get to the next phase. Keep your head on your goals and you will see marked improvement. 

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