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Where Is Your Head? Part 1

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All Or Nothing At All?

All Or Nothing At All?

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Grateful & Happy

I was grateful and happy to have had Sam as a trainer. He had patience and always took the time to explain the machines and how to do the exercise properly with good form. With me he also gave me tips with my nutrition. He was easy and comfortable to work with. I’d definitely recommend him.

Jennifer C.

Friendly, professional and goal-focused

This is the best fitness website if you’re serious. Sam is friendly, professional and goal-focused. It’s difficult to summarize the wealth of information you will find here. Do yourself a favor and experience it for yourself. Give Sam a call today!

Richard A.

Great personal trainer

What makes a great personal trainer? I think it is someone like Sam Lindsey who taught me that engaging your core is one of the most important things you can work on before working with weights or doing cardio. Sam has the best workout routines. Never, ever the same. Never, ever boring.

I started working with Sam when I was in my 60’s so I can personally state it is never too late to start a workout program. Consistency is the key. Sam has been my trainer for over 12 years and I never walked out of a training session with him thinking it was a waste of time.

I highly recommend Sam whether you hire him once a week or once a day, you will stand straighter, walk further, have more stamina and just feel and look better than you did.

Rhoda K.

Real Pro

Sam is a real pro. He’s very knowledgeable and gently pushes you just a little beyond your comfort level; which is just where you want to be to improve your level of fitness.

Jim A.

Call today