As you should wildly guess that there are questions people often ask a fitness professional. I’m sure you might have some idea of what some of the answers might be but here goes.

Q. How long should it take for me to get in shape?

A. This is an open end question which the answer can go on for hours, but I will simplify it. There are those who are always starting over in their quest to become more physically fit; which means they are always “falling off the wagon”. It also depends if you are truly doing it for the right reason. There are some who want to get in shape for a friend’s wedding or just want to fit into that new pair of jeans. The real reason anyone should want to improve their fitness is because they want to improve their overall health. I always let people know that this is a lifetime commitment and you have to decide that you really want to do that.

Q. I have been taking fitness classes for multiple years so why don’t I see results?

A. The reason is simple but not so simple. I have to be blatantly honest. There are those individuals who think that if they merely show up for a fitness class and move a little that should yield results. There are those instructors who don’t observe the class enough to give proper instruction and don’t attempt to encourage the class to not just go through the motion but try to follow the instructions. I tell my classes to hire a good personal trainer who can help them get to the next level; because you can’t get everything within a class setting.

A second part to the answer is that many people who participate in a group fitness class aren’t aware of their nutrition. With that I mean they think if they don’t eat a certain amount of food they can lose the weight they want. On the contrary, the people who are not nutritionally ready for a workout won’t be able to exert enough energy to burn adequate calories and will literally be just going through the motions.

Q. Why should I hire a personal trainer?

A. In short the reason is because you get to have your trainer’s undivided attention. This means the trainer can immediately correct your form and place your body where it should be in order to execute the movement properly. You can also ask questions as well as the PT giving feedback on areas you can proactively improve on such as nutrition advice and giving suggestions on how you can enhance your everyday life of your mindset to better use your time to make time to exercise in the simplest way and more.


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