STL Fitness and Body MechanX Packages

Where fitness is a way of life.

Here at STL Fitness we take your fitness time seriously because you can always find something else to do with your day. That’s why we value your time to get you where you want to be and make your time count.

We give you one-on-one time; that means YOU are the priority when you get our service. We will help you reach your specific goal, encourage you to maintain, strive to stay current and more. At STL Fitness we believe that there is no price you can impose on your health.

Our hours of operation is:

Monday-Friday 6:00 am-5:00 pm

We are closed on all national holidays unless otherwise specified

STL Fitness and Body MechanX Training Fees:

One-Hour Sessions:

  • 15 Sessions    $ 750.00=$50.00/hour
  • 10 Sessions    $ 550.00=55.00/hour     
  • 3 Sessions $ 180.00=60.00/hour

Half-Hour Sessions:

  • 10 Sessions    $ 300.00=30.00/hour
  • 3 Sessions      $ 105.00=35.00/hour

Each package is pre paid.

Intimate Group Fitness:

  • 10  Sessions   $ 100.00= 10.00/hour per person

Men’s Sexy Sixties Workout:

  • 10 Sessions    $ 100.00=10.00/hour per person

This is a group workout; as all group workout sessions will need a minimum ten participants and the workout will be tailored to your ability.

Thank you for allowing STL Fitness and Body MechanX to be your choice for achieving better health and fitness.


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