How many times have you gone to the gym for your workout and wondered why am I continuing on this never ending rollercoaster ride of no accomplishment. Yes, I’m sure many have said this, but continued because it’s a ritual or just by habit. Well, I have said this to my group fitness class; you only get out of a workout what you put into it.

This can be said about anything one does in your daily life. You do the same thing, doing it the same way and with the same effort and expect a different outcome. This is said to be “insanity”. This says that you aren’t giving all you can to the task at hand. So there a philosophy that says “in order to enjoy the fruit, you first have to climb the tree”. This is one of the truest quotes I have ever heard. This applies to your work, your relationships, your walk with God and yes, your health and fitness.

I have worked in the health and fitness business for 42 hears and I have seen virtually every scenario there is. I have given many group fitness classes where the same people come to the class and give the same effort for many years and don’t make any change to their physique. I truly pity those who take the classes and for some they even end up gaining weight, their balance has not improved, their coordination has not changed or their sense of body awareness hasn’t improved. We all know that in order to make improvements, you have to practice and essentially live out what you want to improve. It’s like going to PT and do the exercise they give and if you don’t practice it, you will always start from square one. So just think how much you’re cheating yourself from making any possible change and actually defeating the purpose of improving your physical impairment.

There is a solution to this rollercoaster ride. The answer is, you have to be dedicated to your goal, be consistent with your workouts, be mindful that you have the correct form, have your nutrition solid that will work for you, consult a RD if you don’t understand what you need to eat for you personal goal, practice what you learn from your Personal Trainer or PT etc. One of the forms of logic I tell my clients is “you could be doing other things, so if you choose to have a personal trainer (paying 65.00 and up) you should give your undivided attention to your workouts”. I personally think that, unless you just want to show up for a workout and just go through the motions to only tout that you have a personal trainer, that’s not enough. I prefer not having this type of client who essentially wastes theirs and my time. Because the trainer is not there to “babysit” a person who doesn’t have anything else to do.

So make sure you have the right attitude and the right frame of mind so the relationship between you two will be fruitful and You Will Win!!

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