Where Is Your Head? Part 1

I ask this question many times when I’m working with a client or giving a fitness class. And the reason is because most people believe that just because they show up for a workout the results will automatically come forth. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is when one takes on a physical task of any magnitude a certain focus must be applied. The same stands for your workouts. Which brings me to the question people ask me; why can’t I get results from my efforts. This is a very difficult question, so I will have more parts to the answer in upcoming articles.

When starting your journey in fitness your fitness trainer should first introduce to you your core and how using it will help your future training to be effective and that way each time you engage in exercise you can better understand how to make your workouts count and you won’t waste your time. The first thing I ask a new client to do is stand against a wall and do a “power posture ” pose. This is a stationary position where you will place your back and hips to the wall. And depending on your gluteal development you will walk your feet a few inches from the wall. Then you will drive your feet into the floor, contract the quads, glutes, abs, pull shoulders back and down towards your rib cage, lift your chest and pull your chin in and relax your neck. You will hold this position for one minute three times and as you get stronger you will increase the time and intensity. But when you walk away from the wall you will maintain that posture.

When you exercise there is proper body mechanics needed to execute each movement. From a stationary position proper body alignment will help your movement to be easier when you fully understand your body and acquire body awareness. The more you develop mind/body connection your workouts will be more effective. This is true even when you’re doing everyday chores; if you don’t pay attention you can incur minor to major injury. There have been more injuries to people picking up a newspaper (for Gen Z, that’s a publication that you buy at a newspaper stand). There have been some who pick up this newspaper and without even thinking about it have twisted their back and was laid up for a couple of days. Even a sneeze has landed people in the ER. Hence when you do anything physical you need to use your core muscles.

I hope you have begun to see how important it is to be aware how your body is moving as you get “physical”. Stay tuned for part 2


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