Steady On Your Feet

As we get older there are some things that show a noticeable change. I am a group fitness instructor, and I teach at multiple senior communities. I get asked by many, why do I have problems with my balance. Well I have written articles on how to maintain your sense of balance. In my opinion, it starts with your visual perception. When we’re young, we usually think we’re invincible and can do anything we want. But it seems that when we get to age fifty we sometimes become apprehensive about our physical stability and become paranoid about our footing and are more afraid to do things like climb stairs, balance on a curb, even some women are afraid to wear heels.

Many think that when you attemp to balance, it’s about being able to stand on one foot. True balance is using your core muscles; which involves your trunk and pelvis. These are the muscles responsible for spinal and pelvis stability. These muscles also generate energy from the core to the extremities.

Even if you do hundreds of crunches or sit ups, you still need to transfer that abdominal strength to performing everyday activities. From the moment you leave a stationary position to a moving task, you have to be aware of the posture you’re using as you do each task. There are other core muscles involved such as your serratus anterior; when you’re using torso rotation when you’re doing something as simple as turning your body as you’re checking your blind spot when backing out of your driveway. So, you see this takes some time to understand and master using your core muscles for balance and stability. I have a mantra in my class; if you use good posture, you will look younger, taller and thinner. By using good posture you will likely have fewer back issues. I hope this will help you to stay aware of all moving parts.

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